Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's the Best Time of the Year

Have a holly jolly Christmas....It's the best time of the yeaarrrrr.......   Oh!  Sorry!   Burl Ives, Nat King Cole and Andy Williams are in the house (and if you don't know they are ICONS on the Christmas song list you need to hit Google right now)!!!    

I LOVE Christmas.   I'd like to think I'm a good caring person all year-round, but when I flip the calendar over to December a 'feeling' sweeps over me.  Nothing and I mean NOTHING can rattle me. I'm filled with gratitude for what I have, immense love for who I have in my life and an overwhelming compassion for those who don't have much of either.    Give to those who need it and tell your loved ones just how much you cherish them.   My house is open to family and friends 24/7. Sitting at home with nothing to do??  - Come over!   Hungry?  Thirsty?  Three cabinets full of board games.   Pick something that looks good.   Talk.  Laugh.   LAUGH!  This is what the holidays are all about for me. The best gift to give?   Yourself.  That's what I want for Christmas.  All I want for Christmas is youuuu.....  Hmm....I see Mariah Carey is here too.  

Back to SL!   Some new releases this year for Christmas and winter:

And soooo much more at the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe, now open through January 1st.  Click (HERE) for your teleport or click (HERE) for Persnickity on Marketplace.   

Please have a safe and happy holiday season!  Love you!!  Pet (Petunia908 Pinklady)


Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Look!

New eyes - I needed NEW EYES!   I don't mean avatar eyes either - MY eyes.   I'm quite aware that I am a victim of habit.    I get 'comfortable' with my life, walking the same steps every day, eating the same ol' breakfast every day....you know the feeling.    It's called 'life'.   But every now and again I think its good to shake things up.  I did just that last week.   I took the Persnickity mainstore, rotated it on its side, and shook it up until everything tumbled out.    There I was staring at a HUGE pile of furniture and assorted home decor, wondering NOW what do I do???  

OK... I muttered....(yes I seem to be talking to myself more and more these days)....mix it up, match it up, and build completed individual room displays instead of scattering items all around the store.   Similar to a fashion stylist who possesses the creative ability to see the final outcome before all the clothes are purchased.  You can now walk into the store and 'see' my vision of the final outcome of the room.  I'm not so egotistical to think my customers are unable to decorate their own homes and would even WANT to copy an entire room from the store!   Quite the contrary!     If you are looking for a kitchen item or a certain colored item, its a quick and easy resource to find what you may be searching for.    Marketplace has become my go-to shopping arena now.   It's easy to plug in that keyword in the search engine, hit the search button and voila!    All my choices are presented to me at once.  I've noticed over the last year or so, I have become quite impatient with stores that are disorganized, so I don't shop inworld as much as I used to.   I really WANT to keep my store inworld and whatever I can do to make it an easier shopping experience for you, I will certainly do!

A few peeks into the new lay-out -

Click (HERE) for your direct tp to the mainstore and please!  Let me know what you think of the new design.  I'd LOVE to hear your opinions and suggestions.   Thanks!   Love you all - Pet

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Home and Garden Expo - 9/16-28

Cancer has more than likely touched everyone in some way.   It could have been a family member, a friend, or even at one point we heard those unimaginable words ourselves - 'you've got cancer.'    But the news continues to improve - 2 in every 3 people diagnosed with cancer today survive at least 5 years.   With our continued support (and PLEASE SUPPORT) we will lick this beast, whether through earlier detection or treatment options.

The Home and Garden Expo (HGE) raises money for 'Relay for Life', which is the American Cancer Society's fundraising event.   Each participant in the HGE has donated two new exclusive products with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Relay for Life.   There are 8 sims and 92 creators displaying their finest!    Do NOT miss this exciting event which opens to the public on Tuesday, September 16th at 6:00 am and runs through Sunday, September 28th at midnight.

If you do nothing else, PLEASE swing by Persnickity at the Expo and pick up the two items that I am donating to Relay for Life.  

Colombine Flowers sit in a pretty terracotta planter and offers you seven flower color choices.   Just touch to access the drop-down menu.  It sells for 100L and ALL monies go directly to the American Cancer Society.   At only 2 land impact, it packs a punch of color while using up almost none of your prim allowance!

The Blossom Book-End Set fits in with the theme of the HGE this year - Storytime.   It's a fresh colorful addition to your home and comes with 'My Gardening Journal'.   The set sells for 100L and again ALL proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.

I've got two new releases which are on display at the HGE -

The Shabby Garden Shed sells for 55L.   One of the doors is propped up against the shed, the other swings open and closes.   There are two windows on either side with window boxes bursting with flowers!

A new house available!   The Myla sells for 350L and is perfect for those who don't need a mini-mansion to clean.   It's pastel walls and wood floors give it a fresh clean backdrop for you to add your personal touches.   Kitchen is included.   The Myla is decorated at the HGE from floor to ceiling with furniture, lighting, plants and wall art - all is for sale.  

Persnickity at Home & Garden Expo!   All plants, flowers, trees - EVERYTHING is for sale.   Come by, click (HERE) for tp - look around - if nothing else buy the two items in the vendors at the front and donate - DONATE! to the American Cancer Society.    Thanks everyone!!!    Pet

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pay It Forward

The headlines and news are full of negativity, heart-breaking stories, violence, etc., and we never hear about the good deeds and exceptional caring people in the world because I guess that just doesn't make good 'news'.    I'm here to yell from the mountain......there are WONDERFUL people in the world and I've met more than my share right here in SecondLife.   In a roundabout way I know of a very generous man through another great person, Honey Lustre.   She's the creator and owner of PrimTique (if you haven't visited her store you MUST!).   She is friends with Mr McChris Flanagan who so kindly offered up his building to anyone who was interested in showcasing their creations.    He told Honey and she got the word out.   I have the privilege and honor of being one of the few who get to display some of my creations at the Pay It Forward Warehouse Shops.   There are about a dozen creators there who have a small display of their items for sale and what a fun place to explore!  

Its not just the shops there but the thought behind it all.   Its someone doing something nice for someone else, which in turn leads to the 'pay it forward' concept, my turn to do the same.    Not just here in SL but in our everyday lives.   Its made me aware of the unexpected act of kindness given to me and now the desire for me to do the same for someone else.

Its a small gesture but a start -  I was on a girl's trip a few weeks ago and stopping at toll booths every 15 minutes were part of the drive.  I drove up to the booth, paid my toll and told the girl in the booth, "I'll pay for the person's vehicle behind me too".   After paying for both myself and the car behind me I continued on. I didn't get one minute further down the road when the vehicle I had paid for caught up to me on the interstate and drove into the left passing lane next to me.   I looked over to see who it was and the driver smiled and mouthed 'thank you" with a big smile on his face.    I smiled back and gave him a thumbs up.   That smile could have lit up the world.   I didn't do it for recognition - I did it as a message that there ARE people in this world who care about others, that we don't have to fear everybody, and heck....it felt good.    One small act can blossom into two, three, but the lesson really is - let's look out for each other.    Let's be a kinder more compassionate society.   Real life AND Second Life.   It can only bring happiness and satisfaction to everyone involved.   And to you Mr Flanagan and Ms Lustre - thank you for being so generous.    I hope to pay it forward forever!   (CLICK HERE) for your teleport to the Pay It Forward Warehouse Shops.   

Summerfest Market Fair & Starfish Hunt

Don't miss out on Old Europe Village's Summerfest Market Fair and Starfish Hunt, starting on July 18th and running through August 10th.   Persnickity has a cart there with a variety of gardening items and the Shabby Chic Wheelbarrow is on SALE for only 30L.   Live music, dj's and dancing are just some of the activities planned - you can find more information on their blog at (CLICK HERE).     Here's the SLURL for your direct teleport (CLICK HERE)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Planting on a "Dime"

I'm sure I'm not the only one (in fact I KNOW I'm not the only one) but I would just luvvvvvv the Linden fairy to drop down and say "Go ahead Pet....you have UNLIMITED prim usage on your sim".   Aha....I'm dreaming, but WOW!   That would open up a whole new world to me.  Prims?  What are those?   Land impact?   What's that?  The possibilities would be endless.  SNAP OUT OF IT!   Not happening.   

The next best thing is finding low impact/low prim items and finding anything that is just ONE land impact is like hitting the jackpot - especially one that really delivers a 'bang' for the buck.   Knowing the desire is out there, not only for me but for you too, I have seven new items which fit the bill.   

Five of them are flower groupings, all different mixes of colors and types.   They are only 45 Lindens each and are copy/mod, which means you can plant plant plant and not have to worry about prim usage.  

Also new and something I always struggled with, how does one plant flowers on a hill without them growing sideways?   Now... "Hillside Flowers" and "Hillside Grasses" which are meant to be set on a hill (working best on an approximate 35-40 degree angled hill).   The plants grow UP!  Imagine that!   Touch the flowers or grasses and a drop-down menu appears.   The "Hillside Flowers" gives you 8 flower choice options, the "Hillside Grasses" gives you 7 different types of grass options.  They are also 1 land impact each and sell for 100L.   Copy/Mod, so you can rez as many as you like and each one can have a different texture.   Push them into each other and get a real 'wild' feel on your hill.   

Everything is available either on Marketplace (click HERE) or at the Persnickity mainstore (click HERE) for direct teleport.    

Happy planting everybody!   Pet

Friday, April 11, 2014

60L Secret !

The Sunset Pointe Blue is an adorable build made specifically for a business.   It is textured in a shabby chic style with white-washed floors and pastel blue walls.  The two doors, one at the front and one on the side remain open and have coordinating fabric to add an additional shabby touch.   There is plenty of room on the covered side porch and the front porch to also display your sales items.   The Sunset Pointe Blue normally sells for 200L - this week-end its cut in half - only 99L!.   Do NOT buy it from the vendor on the back porch of the mainstore.   The price is 200L in the vendor.   I have placed the Sunset Pointe Blue in a box NEXT to the vendor and it is priced at the 99L reduced rate.   However, DO rez it from the vendor before buying so you can see it!  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morgan Morgan!

It was a Monday night, January 27th, and the little notification screen pops up to tell me I just received a notecard.   I looked at the name of the sender and didn't recognize it, so I just opened it up and began to read....."I recently discovered your wonderful little store.  I recently moved to my first land purchase and was admiring my neighbors garden.  So, being a sneak that I am, I had to see where she purchased her beautiful flowers and also furniture (I know...using the SL camera is BAD...LOL).  That is how I found your store!  I wanted to say that I will be a frequent visitor of your store from now on.  Just being at your store puts a smile on my face".   Signed, xxxxMorganxxxx      I immediately IM'd Morgan to tell her what a SWEET gesture that was and how much I LOVE to hear that my customers enjoy Persnickity as much as I do.    We began to talk and I MUST say....she's a DEAR!    More of our conversation ( and bear with me....  there's a reason for me sharing this! )

Morgan:   I hope you do not mind me asking, but will you be making more homes in the future?
Pet : i'm starting another one this week
Pet :  what kind of house would interest you?
Pet:   i'm always curious to hear from ppl what they are looking for
Morgan: : a little beach cottage with feminine interior colors....to take advantage of shabby chic theme you wonderfully sell!
Pet : so big windows?
Pet : deck on the back?
Pet:  porch?
Pet: if you were to build one what would you want in it?
Morgan: Oh, the shabby chic theme.....feminine colors...yes...cozy!  Nice fireplace!

And there you have it!  The inspiration for "The Morgan"!   I got to work keeping in mind what she had requested and when finished, it seemed only logical that this creation must be named after her.

This cottage style home is definitely for the shabby lover.   AND its feminine. In pastel shades of pink, the walls, bookcases and floors look like a vat of cotton candy was dumped on it from above.  Sorry guys...this one's for us.  (You always have the option to re-texture it another color, but..but....who would want to??)

The exterior beckons you to come in.   The front porch with the gingerbread finish work is where you'll spend your evenings enjoying the cool breezes.  OR if you choose, lay out on the back porch under the flower-covered pergola.

Walk inside where the large open concept with soaring ceilings gives you a number of different ways to set up your furniture.  Walk up two steps to the raised level which can be used as an office or bedroom.  The bay window is perfect for taking a nap and offers three laying animations.  The large kitchen with its white cabinets, granite countertops, appliances and an island has a large space for table and chairs.  Other features include:

Fireplace in the living area
Ceiling fan
Windows with privacy blinds
Sheer copy/mod curtains
Separate lighting controls for living area, upper level and kitchen
Bookcases in living area
"Kiss the Cook" Picture
"Flowers in Bed" Picture

The Morgan is 25 meters wide and 33 meters deep and is COPY/MOD.

With everything rezzed, a total of 187 prims.   Without the kitchen, 165 prims.  It sells for 300L and can be seen at Persnickity mainstore off the back porch where the home rezzer is located.

Click (HERE) for a teleport to the home rezzer.     Thank you Morgan!!!   *HUGGSSSSSSSSS!!!*

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New is Old

Shabby chic will never go out of style.   I'm living proof.   A good 25 years ago (!) I took my parent's old mahogany desk, sanded it down, painted it white and replaced the drawer pulls with glass handles.   Nobody had even heard of 'shabby chic' at that time, but for some reason the clean white brought it back to life.   "Worn" never goes out of style, in fact the older and beat up it is, the true meaning of shabby shines through.  Old is new.   New is old.   Its like fine wine and women - the older we get the better we are.

New releases at Persnickity this week include:

The Sweet Credenza has a texture-changing runner across the top and gives you five color choices.  Who can resist the covered cake plate with sweet treats in it?   Yesssss...I'm still on my yearly New Year's Resolution Diet and its the end of January already!   Yeahhhhh!   Oops...got sidetracked there.  Only 7 prims and 50L.

The Cabinet with Books sells for 45L and is only 4 prims.

The Pink Checkered Lounger has two animations for a single and two for couples.  Look for the matching Pink Checkered Lamp which finishes off that stylish home of yours.   The Lounger sells for 50L and the lamp 30L.

Shabby Bench has a weathered finish to it with a wicker basket nestled on the shelf below.  The bench cushion is texture-changing with 7 color choices and the bench has 5 animations - two for sitting and three laying.  Only 4 prims, it sells for 50L.  

The separate building near the back of the store has Valentine's Day ideas for sale - chocolates, wall decals, heart shaped topiary, and a selection of texture-changing 'messages' for your honey.   They're only 35L each, transfer and 2 prims each.   

Everything is available at the mainstore.   Click (HERE) for your teleport.