Friday, March 1, 2013

March Group Gift & New Releases

February FLEW by!   Its scary sometimes how fast the months go by!   March is upon us and I've put out a new group gift which is located at the landing point.   Remember to wear your group tag.    March brings us Easter so I'm starting to fill up the Garden Center with goodies but lots more to come.   I've included pictures of the new group gift and Easter items so far (I'm getting way too much satisfaction on making CHOCOLATE items)!!

March group gift - Cracked Egg Candle Set Including Lace Doily - just click on the egg for on and off controls for the flame.

Left to right - Persnickity Easter Basket filled with chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs and a box of Marshmallow Peeps - 35L;   Candy dish - 25L;    Box of Marshmallow Easter Peeps - 20L;  and Chocolate Bunny - 20L.  

All this talk of chocolate (and my two nite consumption of an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints) urged me to make a few statements which sums it all up:

Framed and ready to hang on the wall - Forget Love Picture - 25L    

Money Talks Wall Decal - 25L - easily change font color by going into edit and pick the color chooser

Bunny Planter with Spring Flowers - 45L

Egg Candle Set - 10 egg candles (copy/mod) with flame controls and plaid placement

There's more in the store and lots more to come.     Click (HERE) for your teleport.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Arya's Heart Blog

Check out Arya's Heart blog for her post on Persnickity new releases.   Click (HERE) for the direct link.   Thanks Arya!   I'm a huge fan!

Easter on the Mind

I LOVE bunnies and not just at Easter-time.   Every day is bunny day.  I have a collection of stuffed pink bunny rabbits that I started 15 years ago, all sizes, different shades of pink, some are dressed up and some are wrapped tight in lush pink fur.   I gotta say....I love them all and no I'm not 12 years old.  I've always loved how I feel when my eyes rest on a bunny rabbit, stuffed or real.   They're gentle souls that hop through life just minding their own business.   How can someone NOT love a creature that hops everywhere??   It says "I'm happy" and so doggone cute!!   You try hopping everywhere and tell me you don't gain a whole new respect for rabbits!!

So now Easter approaches and I'm somehow justified to come down with bunny fever for the next month.     I couldn't resist (I didn't quite make it into March but I'm close enough).    I made the Bunny Bush - a cute bunny with three eggs resting nearby sits in a patch of grass under a big bush.   Brighten up the great outdoors this season and give this sweet little creature a new home.   Now only 50L.    Copy/Mod