Saturday, January 25, 2014

New is Old

Shabby chic will never go out of style.   I'm living proof.   A good 25 years ago (!) I took my parent's old mahogany desk, sanded it down, painted it white and replaced the drawer pulls with glass handles.   Nobody had even heard of 'shabby chic' at that time, but for some reason the clean white brought it back to life.   "Worn" never goes out of style, in fact the older and beat up it is, the true meaning of shabby shines through.  Old is new.   New is old.   Its like fine wine and women - the older we get the better we are.

New releases at Persnickity this week include:

The Sweet Credenza has a texture-changing runner across the top and gives you five color choices.  Who can resist the covered cake plate with sweet treats in it?   Yesssss...I'm still on my yearly New Year's Resolution Diet and its the end of January already!   Yeahhhhh! sidetracked there.  Only 7 prims and 50L.

The Cabinet with Books sells for 45L and is only 4 prims.

The Pink Checkered Lounger has two animations for a single and two for couples.  Look for the matching Pink Checkered Lamp which finishes off that stylish home of yours.   The Lounger sells for 50L and the lamp 30L.

Shabby Bench has a weathered finish to it with a wicker basket nestled on the shelf below.  The bench cushion is texture-changing with 7 color choices and the bench has 5 animations - two for sitting and three laying.  Only 4 prims, it sells for 50L.  

The separate building near the back of the store has Valentine's Day ideas for sale - chocolates, wall decals, heart shaped topiary, and a selection of texture-changing 'messages' for your honey.   They're only 35L each, transfer and 2 prims each.   

Everything is available at the mainstore.   Click (HERE) for your teleport.   

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