Sunday, November 24, 2013

Step Into Christmas

Thanksgiving grocery list is sitting on the desk in front of me, mulled apple cider candles are burning everywhere in the house, my kitty is sitting on the heater vent, and snow flurries are whipping past the window.   I spent hours on the internet looking for comfy "footed pajamas" to give as Christmas gifts and the stockpile of baking ingredients is growing on the kitchen counter already.  The holidays are officially here and I absolutely LOVE this time of year!   Its all about embracing the family and I don't know what it is about the cold weather but I tend to just nest and prepare for Christmas.  Yes, I'm one of those. Its not even Thanksgiving and my house is decorated, the trees are up and Christmas carols resonate through the house.   A slight 'peek' into my world -

   The Victorian tree sits in the family room and is all pink, gold, crystal and lace.  Shocker!  I love pink?

  The kitchen garden window houses my two festive jesters dressed in ivory and gold.

My obsession with 'faces' shows throughout the house and Christmas is no exception.  Part of the Jacqueline Kent collection of Christmas Carolers.   

Enough about me!   Let's get to the important part - YOU!    Lots of NEW items for YOUR Christmas await you at the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe, which by the way, is NOT located at the mainstore location. There's a landmark at the mainstore that you can grab which will teleport you directly there though.   OR   click (HERE) for your tp.   

A beautiful set of vintage style ornaments in pastel colors of pink, teal, purple and yellow.   There are three styles and they're copy/mod so you can stretch them larger or shrink smaller to fit any sized tree.   100L for the set.

How about just one special ornament which hangs on a twig-like holder?   Touch the ornament and choose one of 7 colors.    It sells for 50L.

I love to listen to Christmas carols - especially the classic ones and it isn't Christmas without Burl Ives singing "Holly Jolly Christmas".   Sit on the crate and you'll be jammin' in no time, your hand tapping away to the beat.   Just click on the crate for the holiday song!   Only 50L and a great gift idea since its transfer.  

Just one of the many texture-changing options for the holidays - a holiday picture with 8 different scenes to choose from which makes it easy to fit any decor.   40L.   There is also a texture-changing rug with holiday patterns for only 25L.  

LOTS of new winter outdoor bushes and trees are available in the outdoor area next to the Christmas Shoppe.    They are all 1 prim each, copy/mod,  and only 40L.   Just a few below -  

So many new items, wreaths, Christmas trees, tree skirts, and just not enough time for me to begin posting so come to the Christmas Shoppe and browse around!    More things will be added each week and I'll TRY to get more blogging done but but but.....'tis the season and its a busy one!!    

Your teleport to the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe again - click (HERE).      Till we meet again!   Thanks everyone - Pet

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Check out the store this week for lots of NEW Halloween items along with many NEW fall colored plants, trees, and flowers.   Also new - two types of autumn leaf piles, Halloween firefly catcher, some fun signs for the yard and a nice autumn centerpiece for your table.   Don't forget the wheelbarrows with autumn leaves with rake and an assortment of pumpkins to add to your landscape.   I've included pictures of a few of the new autumn and Halloween items below.

*****GROUP GIFT*****

A Persnickity Autumn

Click (HERE) for teleport.

Who Doesn't Love Candy???

Candy Fair is open and who doesn't LOVE candy???   *Looks at the M&M Peanuts on my desk*   The fair was created for the love of candy and sugar and runs from October 4th through the 18th.   There are over 150 creators participating and everything features candy/sugar in some way.   Clothes, jewelry, skins, furniture, home decor - its all there.     Persnickity has three EXCLUSIVE items at Candy Fair.

The Dispensing Lollipop Plant gives out giant animated lollipops when the plant is touched.   It sells for 50L and is 7 prims.

On those hot summer days there's nothing better than cooling off in the water, so grab a Floating Doughnut and hop in.   The 4 Floating Doughnut Set contains 2 glazed, 1 chocolate, and 1 Pink with Sprinkles Floating Doughnuts so grab a few of your friends and kick back!   It sells for 50L also.

The Cupcake Outdoor Patio Set is a sofa, two chairs, cupcake ottoman, cupcake outdoor torch light, pastel end table, pastel coffee table and a 'crumpled' rug.   Sofa and chairs are patterned with super sweet cupcakes.    All are sold separately but you can save 70L if you buy the boxed set for 275L.   

Spend an hour or two browsing the three sims even if you're not interested in buying anything.  They are so adorable and its almost impossible to walk through without getting the urge to hit that M&M's bag stuffed way in the back of the pantry.  

Click (HERE) for your teleport and enjoy!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Kollective

A creator can wallow around within their comfort zone for too long and then something nudges them to explore other avenues.  "The Kollective" was created with collaborations in mind, pairing up designers with bloggers.   Designers will create a new exclusive design for The Kollective inspired by their partnered Blogger.  Bloggers will then blog and review the inspired design featuring their partnership with the designer.

I was paired up with Blogger Kai Diamond two weeks ago and what a joy its been working with her!  I might add that not only does the pairing of designer with blogger expand the realm of creativity, but it also creates friendships which is more rewarding in the long run.  Kai expressed an interest in me doing something with cows and milkcans.  Cows!  Cows you said??   I've always been a bunny person myself, especially pink stuffed bunnies and really never gave a second glance to cows but THIS is what The Kollective is all about.   Think outside YOUR box.   So I took my cow and milkcan assignment 'home' with me and started playing.  Cows started duplicating - this was wrong, that was wrong....nothing was making me happy.  One of my first below (yes....that IS a cow on a unicycle).   And YES.....that IS a bit crazy.

So I pressed on with the desire to entangle my shabby chic roots around the cows somehow but not quite knowing how.  Dear Kai!   I was dropping pictures to her with each new idea and extremely grateful that I couldn't see the shock on her face when she opened them.    SHE is the one who kept me going though. Inspiration, motivation, my biggest cheerleader.   The core of what "The Kollective" is all about.   Each cow left me with an idea and slowly SLOWLY my cow/milkcan assignment evolved into its final and quite amusing form.

My milkcans became pastel and were filled with cottage style flowers in both pinks and purples.   An ivy wreath is propped up against them near the base.

I've always believed in the saying 'every creature deserves a mate' so just one cow wasn't going to cut it.  I MUST have two - a couple.   What could be more appropriate than dressing up two adoring cows in cowboy hats and covering their soft hides in pink and green flowers.   "The Cow Couple" was born.    They also needed the ability to speak to each other, after all they ARE a couple.   Touch either one and they cheerfully bellow out a loud "Mooooooooo"

The "Cow Couple" will be available at The Kollective for 75L starting on September 1st.   Click (HERE) for a direct teleport.

First and foremost I want to thank Kai Diamond for her inspiring idea and the world of bloggers who work so hard at designing their sites and marketing the world of creators.  Without your voice nobody would hear us hammering and drilling away in our little workshops!    A BIG thank you to Katlene Niven and AnneAlyce Maertens, who gave us their brain child "The Kollective".   Amazing ideas from amazing people!

Monday, August 12, 2013

No Rest for the Weary

I've been sooooooooo busy!   Three fairs, one hunt, and a "challenge" to make something that someone else assigns me has kept me jumping.   Let me start with some new releases first.

The rusty Unicycle Planter will be a treasured addition to your outdoors.   A shabby chic bucket filled with flowers sits on the leather seat.    Nestle it in the garden and add a charming piece that you'll cherish.  14 prims and 40L, its on marketplace and at the mainstore, along the path heading to the outlet center

The Beach Cove is a low-prim adorable cottage, with pastel colored wood on the exterior, an awning with soft lights covering the front porch, picket fence, ceiling fan and locking doors.    Only 37 prims so you don't have to worry about prim overload.    Check it out at the mainstore - the house rezzer is on the back deck.   Only 100L, copy/mod.

Don't miss out on the HomeStuff hunt which runs until Sunday, September 1st.    The hunt items are high quality and FREE!   Clues are on their website along with SLURL's so they make it easy for you.    I'm particpating also - look for the brown shirt prim (Clue - tiptoe around these tulips).   Click (HERE) for their website.

Reef's Colors Fair celebrates the sea and his vibrant colors.   35 creators have displayed their EXCLUSIVE creations along with the Bazaar which sells another EXCLUSIVE item from each person at only 15L each. Get your nose plugs out because you'll be shopping underwater.  

Click (HERE)  for your teleport and happy shopping!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer.   I looked at the calendar today and thought WHERE DID IT GO???    Labor Day is right around the corner!   I guess it can't be all THAT bad.    The closer we get to Christmas!    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Releases!

Lots to do this week and put my nose to the grindstone!    Two new shabby chic hall trees are now available to add some warmth to your home.    They each have a sitting animation and your choice of either ivory with a pink cushion or white with yellow cushion.   They each have a hat and towel hanging from them and an umbrella propped on the side with a pool of water sitting on the floor.   They sell for 45L each and are available either on marketplace or in the mainstore.

An antique light pink table for anywhere in your house that needs a spot for a touch of color.   A blue distressed pitcher with a beautiful pink rose sits on top.  Its also available on marketplace or just inside the front door of the mainstore for only 55L.

Two new pictures for your kitchen display a large fork, spoon and knife - your choice of either yellow or blue backgrounds in frames.   Available on marketplace or in the mainstore at 40L each.

Click (HERE) for Persnickity Marketplace or (HERE) for tp to the Mainstore.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

60L Secret!

Miss Payday is a real diva who will stand out in your garden.     A large tree 'lady' with her hat and shopping bag in tow and happy as can be because its PAYDAY!!!    Time to shop and shop big!    Don't miss this chance to find her at Persnickity for only 60L!!

Click (HERE) for direct teleport to Persnickity.