Thursday, October 10, 2019

New Endeavor

I love Persnickity!   It's a part of me, my first 'baby' here in SecondLife.    The name has special meaning for me, given that my husband has always called me 'persnickity'.  I know what I like and what I don't like, maybe a little TOO much so 'persnickity' was duly earned.   (Hence the group tags 'picky picky')   I could go on and on about the whole concept of my store until you'd say OK ENOUGH!  So I won't! 

This post is just a heads-up that the store will continue on, a labor of love between myself and Cern, my partner.   BUT I'm taking on another 'little' project - the opening of a club.   This won't be my first involvement with owning one either.   Years and years ago Cern and I opened Club Zeal on the sim we created.   The build was a one-of-a-kind by Cern himself and was really built for the residents of the sim.   I did little to promote it and finally gave it up when the sim went down due to Cern leaving SL for a bit. 

In the last year or so a friend and I have bounced around from club to club on any given night.   More often than not, we walk in, are MAYBE acknowledged with a hello from the host/hostess and then one of two things happens- we watch the chat among friends who obviously all know each other or there is complete silence.   Is there anything to draw you back again?   Not really.  Anyone who goes out of their way to attend your club should be welcomed and made to feel comfortable. wasn't planned more than, oh let's say 2 days in advance, and there it was.   My new club being erected from the ground up!   The birth of The Steel Trap!   A place where the motto will be 'you are a stranger but only once'.   I have gathered a group of dj's and hosts/hostesses who are friendly, fun, and WANT to get to know you.   More importantly, we want you to come back over and over again. 

The grand opening will be on Sunday, October 20th, from 5:00-8:00 pm SLT and the completely AWESOME DJ Thomas Crown will be taking your requests and playing some of the best rock, southern rock and blues music you can find.   Please look in my profile inworld under picks for The Steel Trap and join us on grand opening day!   A schedule will be posted soon! 

Looking forward to seeing you there!   Love Pet

Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas In Both Worlds

My dining room table looks like a tornado came through and dumped about 10 department store's worth of merchandise on it.  Tape, scissors, wrapping paper, tags....Yessss to Christmas on the horizon and I'm ready to roll with wrapping the gifts.  I know I go overboard on Christmas.  I KNOW IT but it's part of my DNA.   It's a season for indulging and putting ear-to-ear smiles on the faces of those in my real world.   Is any sight more wondrous to watch than those of a child tearing open a gift and holding in their hands that item they've seen on TV while declaring "I want that!  I want that!" and now here it is...sitting in their little hands.  I have to admit the season just totally wears me out.  The shopping, the wrapping, the Christmas letter to friends and family, the dozens and dozens of cookies and breads, decorating the house,  the Christmas tree, parties...I get tired just thinking about it all but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I say let the season begin with all it's demands but also all the joy it brings.  On to Christmas at Persnickity!

This year brought changes in the mainstore plus the opening of a second.   

Mainstore (click HERE) for landmark

You will also find a teleporter on the front porch to the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe which will be operating through Christmas Day.   

I am happy to be part of the Cookie Jar House & Garden Village community with the opening of a second store.   (click HERE) for landmark

If you'd rather stay at home with a cup of coffee and leisurely shop, Marketplace is your place.   Click HERE for Persnickity Marketplace.   Sort by newest first to see the most recent items for sale.  If you ever have any suggestions for items, please message me and let me know.   It is always our intention to keep SecondLife fun and enjoyable and taking on a request from you is just that - FUN!   

Happy Holidays to you from both Cern and myself!!     Luv, Pet

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Loads of New Stuffies

The last date I posted was over a year ago??  I'm horrible at remembering to blog - HORRIBLE!!   But here I am to report for duty and I have lots to show you! 

First let me address something you may have noticed on recent items sold in the store.   If you look at the creator on some items you will have seen the name "Cern" or "LuckyStefan" instead of my own name.   Cern/LuckyStefan is my partner in SecondLife, almost entirely for the last nine years.  I might add he is also a very important person to me in my real life and I am a very lucky gal to have met him those many years ago.   Don't let me forget 'talented' too!  He creates solely for the two of us and does not sell any of his creations as full perm items to anyone else.  Persnickity is my store, my vision, started up over 6 years ago but Cern has started to design more and more in his free time.  His original designs are becoming an integral part of Persnickity growing above and beyond what I had imagined when I first started out.  Cern and I are a team.   I just wanted to make it clear for those wondering why some items have him listed as the creator and not me!   Now...onto Persnickity!

IMPORTANT NEWS!   Persnickity has a new mainstore!  Here is your tp!   CLICK

I'm super excited for the gorgeous hanging baskets with texture changers in them!   There are three different types - Petunias, Azaleas or Impatiens.  The flowers sit in a hanging terracotta planter held up by a black wrought iron hanger with a bird design.  Touch the pot and a drop-down menu will appear which gives you color options for the flowers.   They are low impact and Copy so you can have numerous hanging baskets out and not worry about eating up your prims!  They sell for 150L each.

Planning a wedding or just want a beautiful floral arrangement sitting in a pretty white candelabra dripping with crystals?  These would make gorgeous centerpieces for a wedding!   There are two color choices - one is white and yellow, and the other is white and pink.  They sell for 125L, are 6 LI and Mod/Copy.

Maybe herbs are more your thing?   I grow my own in real life and nothing compares to walking outside, pulling off FRESH herbs and adding them to whatever I'm cooking.   YUM.  How about a set of potted herbs you can put in your window or outside on your deck or balcony?   Prefer to have them in a wrought iron window box, which you must admit makes your house look like Suzie Homemaker lives there!  Set of 3 Potted Herbs sells for 50L and each pot is only 1 LI.   The Herbs in Wrought Iron Stand sells for 75L and is 4 LI.   

I'm into saving time and if I can plant flowers all over the yard, twitch my nose and each set is a different species and color, I'm IN!   I've made it easy for you.   The Texture Change Garden gives you just that.  Rez it, touch it, and you will get 12 flower and plant options.   WoooHoooo!!!   Even better, it's only 1 LI, so again, saving prims is always a win win situation.   The Texture Change Garden is copy, of course, and sells for 100L.   Get out your gardening gloves - you are planting!

All these pretty flowers and plants!  Don't forget to water them!   The new Lawn Sprinkler has been upgraded by Cern and I absolutely love the sound of it.   It sounds like summer and who doesn't wanna hear THAT after this long drawn-out winter we've had??!!   It sells for 45L, has an on/off control and like I said, just listening to it is worth every Linden!   Only 1 LI too.

Let's step inside for a bit so I can show you some new furniture items.  The Shabby Chic End Table and Shabby Chic Coffee Table are perfect for just about any decor.   They are 50L each, but if bought together you save 25L.  There is also the Fancy Footed Coffee Table - different design, and 45L.   Need a bigger table?   The Antique White Table can be used as dinner table, or shrunk down to an end table.   That sells for 45L also.  Just look at the design styles and take your pick!  Lots to choose from.  

The Shabby Chic Trunk is more than a piece of furniture just for looks.   It has nine sitting animations in it, and is only 3 LI.   It sells for 50L.

The Shabby Chic Fancy Cabinet has a French floral design on the front door, but has NO animations in it.  45L and only 2 LI.

Last for today is the Set of 4 Plants in White Pot Stand.   There is a potted philodendron, corn plant, tropical plant and a bamboo plant.   All four in the set for 100L.   

There is lots more but my time is being cut short today!  I'm off on a short vacation but will resume the MANY new things that Persnickity has to offer!   Pay a visit to the new mainstore CLICK and see all items in person OR visit the Persnickity Marketplace for everything displayed here plus hundreds more!   MP LINK

Thank you my friends and we'll hook up again very soon!   Lots of Love!   Pet

Monday, January 30, 2017

Chipped Fingernails

Do you remember your old school days when someone would run their fingernails down the chalkboard and you could feel every nerve in your body scream NOOOOOO!!!!!   I'm not THAT bad yet but I'm getting there.   It's winter.   I hate winter.   27 years of Minnesota kinda did me in.  So about this time of year if you listen carefully you just might be able to hear my fingernails clawing at the walls of the house.   LET ME OUT INTO THE SUN!  LET ME OUT INTO THE GARDEN!   I want nothing more than to dig in the dirt and plant.   Even better I have about 25 terra-cotta and ceramic planters and pots that I've collected over the years and maybe 3 or 4 trips to local nurseries in the area will finalize all my flower purchases to design each one JUST right.  

Somebody tell me...what in the heck do you do in the winter months that even remotely compares to the satisfaction of spring and summer?  Not a darn thing!  So here it is the beginning of February and I just 'might' be jumping the gun a bit but's SL.   It can be a glorious summer morning TOMORROW if I so desire!  And I DO!  

The February July group gift is out.  It's called Field of Blossoms and with the texture changer in it you have a choice of 9 different flowers.   It's copy/mod and only 1 LI!  Please wear your group tag in order to get it.   TP right to the gift (CLICK HERE).  

Right in front of the group joiner and group gift is a new release.   The "I Love You Rock Garden" is a beautiful addition to your outdoors AND a plus...there is a very romantic kissing animation in it. Perfect Valentine's Day gift for your honey maybe??   It's transfer so can be easily given as a gift (even if you DO benefit from it!).   It's only 4 LI and 40L.  

Ahhh.....the gardening begins!   Guess I better go get my nails done tomorrow and TRY to stay sane for at least another two months until spring graces itself upon me.   Hello pitcher of Sangria!

Take care Fussbudgets!     Love, Pet

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mesh Galore

I looked at my blog today and WHERE in the HECK have I been???!!!   No posts for all the new Christmas posts at all since last summer!   It must come as no surprise to you (and certainly not me either) but I'm always late and far behind in posting everything.  New Year's Resolution and this one isn't meant to be broken either!  - KEEP UP WITH THE BLOG!

I certainly hope each and every one of you had a great holiday season though.  Cheers to a prosperous and healthy upcoming 2017 also!

A quick note to update you on what's happening at Persnickity these days.    My 'SO kind, talented, PATIENT' partner Cern has been creating some of the greatest mesh items and people are noticing all around the grid.  I'm posting a couple pictures below so you can see for yourself if you haven't been in the store lately.

There is SO much coming in the next month - lots of shabby chic new furniture that I'm sure you'll LOVE like I do!   In the meantime, stop in at the mainstore (click HERE) for TP or check out Persnickity on Marketplace (click HERE) for the link.  

Love to all and belated holiday wishes from Pet and Cern!   (Yes...this really is the way two ADULTS behave!)  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Splish Splash

Open up the closet and what do you see?   Old boots! lots OF them, in all sizes and colors.  They belonged to my children but they bring back memories of my own childhood... of playing outside in rain storms with the neighborhood kids.  (Lightning?  NO!)  These storms exhibited nothing but rain and lots of it!  The street in front of my parent's house would become a huge playground for all of us and the immediate task at hand would be to kick the leaves over the storm drain preventing the water from escaping. We would play outside for hours, wallowing in the cold water and making sure each and every one of us was thoroughly SOAKED.  Then...somebody's mother would burst our balloon and beckon their child to call it a day and come inside. Great memories of good clean wholesome fun, but also the distinct nightmare of soaking wet feet and the beginnings of a cold the next day!   Rainboots.   MY memory!

Ahhh.....finally!   A use for all those old boots and a  unique one at that!   The Rainboots Planter comes filled with yellow and orange marigolds and can be mounted anywhere on a flat back surface such as a wall, gate or fence.    Only 7 LI, transfer/mod and can be found at Persnickity Mainstore (click HERE)  or on the Marketplace (click HERE) for only 75L.   Keep your memories close to you because there comes a time when that's all you'll have.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Whiffs of Spring

I can smell it in the air.   There are two seasons that have distinct smells when they are approaching. Fall has that crisp clean smell - it brings back memories of back-to-school shopping and homework! Spring on the other hand has a fresh, newly showered smell and feel. The days are brighter and the sparkling rain is a sign of flowers about to burst through the ground.  A sigh of relief after the long dark cold winter.  Let the planting begin as my body gravitates towards the great outdoors and out of the house!

A few new items at Persnickity to celebrate the beginning of spring/summer 2016!

Adorable!   The Vintage Tricycle Planter is so charming and will add such character to your outdoors! It comes with the flower filled bucket also.  It sells for 75L.

How about breakfast or afternoon tea at your new Wrought Iron Patio Set?   Has a 'bistro' feel to it which I adore.   The chairs have 7 sitting animations in them and are only 1 LI each!  The table is only 2 LI so you don't have to worry about your prim count on this one!   It sells for 50L.

I LOVE adding things to the garden.  Flowers are beautiful enough but these Flower Markers will add that extra 'oompf' announcing what's there.   You get 12 markers, 4 are pink, 4 are purple, and 4 are green.   There is a variety of words on them, such as Petunias, Roses, Lilies, Beauty, Grow!, etc. They sell for 50L and are copy/mod.

How about something new and fresh for the indoors too?!  Open up the windows, let the fresh air in, while your new Lacy Curtains adorn the windows.  They are texture changing so just touch for your choice of six different colors of the flowered lacy pattern.  LOVE these!  They sell for 50L and are copy/mod.

All items are available on Marketplace (click here) and in the mainstore (click here).  Now...on to spring cleaning.   Blah!   Love you all!  Pet