Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home and Garden Mystery Sales

Home and Garden is having a fun event from December 1 through the 7th.   If you love surprises you don't want to miss this!    Many talented creators have placed Christmas boxes on crates with a low low sales price of 10L each but you won't know whats inside the box until you unpack it at home.    Isn't that just like Christmas morning (unless you're one of those who secretly peeks at your presents before Christmas!)    Each item will be Christmas themed.     Get into the Christmas spirit and start shopping!!!!   Click (here) to start your mystery shopping!  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I'm sooooo late on this!!!    My apologies!!  Back in June I'd posted a blog entry entitled "Unwinding" in which I relayed the story of my acquisition of a VERY lonely distressed bench I'd found at a yard sale sitting at the end of someone's driveway.    It had called out my name and I gladly adopted it and brought it home for a make-over.   I had been refinishing it over the summer when I suddenly became sick and was laid up for two months and could no longer work on it.   After months of sanding and then sanding some more, a bottle of wood glue, primer, more sanding, and then paint I was thrilled to see it come back to life.   I bought a bench cushion for it and it now sits up in the loft of my house and my cat has 'moved in.'!     When I happen to walk past it, my kitty smiles at me and silently thanks me for THE new spot.

"Thank you for saving me" it whispers when I walk by.   It was bound for the landfill and only I could see the beauty in it.   "WELCOME HOME" I reply back.   Your history will remain a mystery to me but it deserved a fresh start.   Some day I'll pass it down to one of my kids and hopefully they will add memories to the bench too.   What DOES a piece of furniture hang onto?   Does it keep a list of the people or animals that have become one with it?   Does it relish the fact that it endured a much-needed facelift or does it long for the original skin?    

Dear Bench - You're a part of my family now and I hope you're comfortable, warm and grateful for the new look.   You're here to stay and grow old with us and I want to thank you for creeping out to the curb that day so I could bring you home.