Friday, February 22, 2013

Flea Market at Home & Garden Market

The flea market is now open at the Home and Garden Market and you have a chance to pick up some great deals from a number of creators.    I am participating in the event and have 10 items out at reduced prices.  

Stop in and take advantage of sale prices!     Click (HERE) for your teleport.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Teacup Candles

Such a sweet lady who frequents Persnickity was asking for candles in teacups which I didn't have.    I now have teacup candles thanks to Hope Wexhome!     I started with a trial version and she told me exactly what she wanted so I tweaked them so they looked exactly like what she wanted.    I've stated before...if someone gives me an idea and I decide to make them, they get them free from me.    Please, if you are looking for something in particular that I don't have let me know.    

The teacup candles come in four colors as seen below.   They are only 25L each, 6 prims and copy/mod.   They would make a nice accent piece on a table in your house.  Hope you like and thank you Hope!!!   You're a doll!

Click (HERE) for Persnickity location.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bearer of Bad News!

I guess I have to do it.  Its going to kill me but.....SOMEBODY has to do it!   I'll spare someone else the agony and just buck up and do it myself.   There's no sense in prolonging this.    Here goes.....I have something to tell you......    Yes.... you've become your mother.  

You can find this outside at the bottom of the front steps leading into the mainstore for only 25L.

Click (HERE) for your teleport.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are special and the way the day begins has become a ritual in my house.  The kids can sleep until noon if they choose, but when they wake up breakfast is ready in about 5 minutes.   Sit down and read the newspaper with a hot cup of coffee and devour a plate full of pancakes hot off the griddle dripping in warm maple syrup.   All I need is a comfortable chair and the morning newspaper - it all says 'SUNDAY'!

The "Two Armchairs with Ottoman" set gives you just what you need.    A comfortable place to kick back and the ottoman has the newspaper spread across it.   You get two shabby style armchairs in white which fit into any decor (each with five sitting animations) and a matching ottoman.

I've boxed the set and its only 75L - almost an instant living room. You can find it upstairs in the mainstore.  Enjoy and relax!!

  Click (HERE) for your teleport to the store.