Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Now a creator in Homestuff, the SL community which brings you the best of homes and decor.  They publish a detailed directory of creators, bloggers, news and reviews of the latest releases, as well as hunts, events and a pretty active in-world group.    I've put a group joiner in my store as you first come in.   You want your finger on the pulse of the world - so join join!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


New Persnickity mainstore!   I've been on a creating spree for the last two months and I was tripping over things in the store so its bigger and better than ever now!   I added a second floor and there's a separate garden center with plants, flowers, gardening benches and pots.   I've also added two "Slap & Win's".    One is outside near the garden center and the other is inside near the stairs.    Slap both signs and be the lucky winner of free gifts!    Hope to see you there!

The Magic of Christmas

I'm always delighted when someone discovers Persnickity and includes my creations in their home.  The birth of A Persnickity Christmas represents what I love best - the departure from the traditional red and green, but instead keeping the shabby chic look with pastel Christmas decorations.  It really is possible to have a pink and green Christmas!  There's a large assortment of shabby style decorations on the first floor and for those who prefer sticking with the traditional red and green, the second floor is for you.

Santa can even be flexible!  The elves went to work with paint buckets and transformed his sleigh into a green and pink 'vehicle' and it still says "Christmas!"    There's room for two in the front and would make a great Christmas card this year.     Its available on Marketplace or at A Persnickity Christmas (click here).

Happy flying!!!