Thursday, February 27, 2014

Morgan Morgan!

It was a Monday night, January 27th, and the little notification screen pops up to tell me I just received a notecard.   I looked at the name of the sender and didn't recognize it, so I just opened it up and began to read....."I recently discovered your wonderful little store.  I recently moved to my first land purchase and was admiring my neighbors garden.  So, being a sneak that I am, I had to see where she purchased her beautiful flowers and also furniture (I know...using the SL camera is BAD...LOL).  That is how I found your store!  I wanted to say that I will be a frequent visitor of your store from now on.  Just being at your store puts a smile on my face".   Signed, xxxxMorganxxxx      I immediately IM'd Morgan to tell her what a SWEET gesture that was and how much I LOVE to hear that my customers enjoy Persnickity as much as I do.    We began to talk and I MUST say....she's a DEAR!    More of our conversation ( and bear with me....  there's a reason for me sharing this! )

Morgan:   I hope you do not mind me asking, but will you be making more homes in the future?
Pet : i'm starting another one this week
Pet :  what kind of house would interest you?
Pet:   i'm always curious to hear from ppl what they are looking for
Morgan: : a little beach cottage with feminine interior take advantage of shabby chic theme you wonderfully sell!
Pet : so big windows?
Pet : deck on the back?
Pet:  porch?
Pet: if you were to build one what would you want in it?
Morgan: Oh, the shabby chic theme.....feminine colors...yes...cozy!  Nice fireplace!

And there you have it!  The inspiration for "The Morgan"!   I got to work keeping in mind what she had requested and when finished, it seemed only logical that this creation must be named after her.

This cottage style home is definitely for the shabby lover.   AND its feminine. In pastel shades of pink, the walls, bookcases and floors look like a vat of cotton candy was dumped on it from above.  Sorry guys...this one's for us.  (You always have the option to re-texture it another color, but..but....who would want to??)

The exterior beckons you to come in.   The front porch with the gingerbread finish work is where you'll spend your evenings enjoying the cool breezes.  OR if you choose, lay out on the back porch under the flower-covered pergola.

Walk inside where the large open concept with soaring ceilings gives you a number of different ways to set up your furniture.  Walk up two steps to the raised level which can be used as an office or bedroom.  The bay window is perfect for taking a nap and offers three laying animations.  The large kitchen with its white cabinets, granite countertops, appliances and an island has a large space for table and chairs.  Other features include:

Fireplace in the living area
Ceiling fan
Windows with privacy blinds
Sheer copy/mod curtains
Separate lighting controls for living area, upper level and kitchen
Bookcases in living area
"Kiss the Cook" Picture
"Flowers in Bed" Picture

The Morgan is 25 meters wide and 33 meters deep and is COPY/MOD.

With everything rezzed, a total of 187 prims.   Without the kitchen, 165 prims.  It sells for 300L and can be seen at Persnickity mainstore off the back porch where the home rezzer is located.

Click (HERE) for a teleport to the home rezzer.     Thank you Morgan!!!   *HUGGSSSSSSSSS!!!*

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