Monday, January 30, 2017

Chipped Fingernails

Do you remember your old school days when someone would run their fingernails down the chalkboard and you could feel every nerve in your body scream NOOOOOO!!!!!   I'm not THAT bad yet but I'm getting there.   It's winter.   I hate winter.   27 years of Minnesota kinda did me in.  So about this time of year if you listen carefully you just might be able to hear my fingernails clawing at the walls of the house.   LET ME OUT INTO THE SUN!  LET ME OUT INTO THE GARDEN!   I want nothing more than to dig in the dirt and plant.   Even better I have about 25 terra-cotta and ceramic planters and pots that I've collected over the years and maybe 3 or 4 trips to local nurseries in the area will finalize all my flower purchases to design each one JUST right.  

Somebody tell me...what in the heck do you do in the winter months that even remotely compares to the satisfaction of spring and summer?  Not a darn thing!  So here it is the beginning of February and I just 'might' be jumping the gun a bit but's SL.   It can be a glorious summer morning TOMORROW if I so desire!  And I DO!  

The February July group gift is out.  It's called Field of Blossoms and with the texture changer in it you have a choice of 9 different flowers.   It's copy/mod and only 1 LI!  Please wear your group tag in order to get it.   TP right to the gift (CLICK HERE).  

Right in front of the group joiner and group gift is a new release.   The "I Love You Rock Garden" is a beautiful addition to your outdoors AND a plus...there is a very romantic kissing animation in it. Perfect Valentine's Day gift for your honey maybe??   It's transfer so can be easily given as a gift (even if you DO benefit from it!).   It's only 4 LI and 40L.  

Ahhh.....the gardening begins!   Guess I better go get my nails done tomorrow and TRY to stay sane for at least another two months until spring graces itself upon me.   Hello pitcher of Sangria!

Take care Fussbudgets!     Love, Pet

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