Saturday, February 9, 2013

New New Wall Decals

I love hearing what people are looking for when they're out shopping.  I had a customer in the store a few days ago and she suggested I make wall decals.   Your wish is my command - four new wall decals are now upstairs on the second floor and only 25L each.    You can also change the color of the print by just going into edit on the decal and then to the color picker.  

If a customer gives me an idea for something and I end up making it,  that customer gets the first one off the presses free.   Thank you Nina - I just dropped you four wall decals!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Group Gifts

Two new gifts for Persnickity group members!   The ivy covered trellis is at the landing point and the teacup planter is just inside the front door.    Remember to wear your group tag.    Click (here) for your teleport offer to Persnickity.

Is that RED?????

Feeling adventurous and thought something outside the box.    My box is pretty restrictive by the way - pastels only....pinks, greens,  yellows and blues mainly.   So what drew me to design this heart-stopping RED and BLACK bedroom set?!    Is my taste subtly changing??    Valentine's Day is next week so does the body crave red this time of year??!  Have the pastels run their course with me??   I seriously doubt all of the above.   No - I just wanted to expand my horizons and see if I could create a room that I could honestly say I loved but in a more dramatic way.   Pastels say 'calm' to me.   Red and black says 'bold'.  It says 'pay attention'!!    I must say I LOVE the entire bedroom!    I stare at it and think yes...I CAN  appreciate other decorating styles enough to make them.   I can I can I can.    My heart is still in shabby chic, always will be, but a departure from that was like sneaking out the window at night as a teen.    I had my fun but I'm crawling back in now - back to shabby land!!    Anyway the new bedroom is in the mainstore on the second floor.   Let me know what you think!

Everything is for sale - the Cottage Bed (try the animations!), end tables, lamps, dressing room screen, curtains and wall hangings.   (End tables and lamps are MESH)

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Persnickity Show House Tour - Part 2

In one of my earlier posts I passed on another blogger's site to you - Desireme Fallen of The Fallen Path.   Desireme took one of Persnickity house builds, The Sandy River, and decorated entirely with furniture and accessories from Persnickity.    She has just posted Part 2 - The Sleeping Corner, where she highlights the bedroom area.   Once again she's thrown herself into designing the room as if her real body is tapping around in slippered feet, not missing a beat.  "Next to the table I placed a dressing undressing behind that!"  

I'm just tickled with her idea of showcasing one creator and I'm honored to be THAT creator!    You make me proud missy and you also motivate me to keep building on a higher and higher level as I grow and learn more every day.   I feel like I'm standing at the glass looking in at the babies in the hospital nursery and THAT one over there?    Thats mine!   Just born and I'm beaming from ear to ear.   :)    Thanks Desireme!!! Time to pass out pink cigars!

Click (here) for the link to her blog site.  

Persnickity Moves to New Location

Every now and then when life becomes too comfortable its time to shake things up a bit.  You know the saying?   If you're not living life on the edge you're taking up too much space.     It was time to shake things up.   I moved Persnickity to a new location.    I left the old homestead (literally!) with limited prims and onto a full sim.  The prim fairy magically came down and tapped me on the head and said PRESENT FOR YOU!  PRIMS PRIMS PRIMS!!

I am soooooo happy with the change.   Best of all, there's going to be lots and lots of new stuff coming from Persnickity.   With all the room and prims available to me now I can be a creating fool.   *Got the fool part down on to the creating part*

As a Grand Opening Special look for the boxed set of 2 Green Chaise Loungers (5 laying animations in each) and one Shabby Outdoor Side Table to match - at a special price of only 25L.   Thats a 100L savings to you.   The boxed set is sitting back by the Garden Center next to the display of chaise loungers.  


There is also the "I Love you 7 Days a Week - Red" boxed set of candles right inside the front door as my FREE gift to you.   With big red hearts and transferrable (I changed the perms) its a great gift idea for Valentine's Day for that special someone.  There are two options in the box - one is a 3 prim candle set with no flames or a 10 prim candle set with flames.   Your choice - depending on your prim availability.  

Come on by and visit at the NEW Persnickity location and IM me with any suggestions you may have.  I always love to hear what you're looking for.

Hope to see you soon!   -   Pet

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