Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's the Best Time of the Year

Have a holly jolly Christmas....It's the best time of the yeaarrrrr.......   Oh!  Sorry!   Burl Ives, Nat King Cole and Andy Williams are in the house (and if you don't know they are ICONS on the Christmas song list you need to hit Google right now)!!!    

I LOVE Christmas.   I'd like to think I'm a good caring person all year-round, but when I flip the calendar over to December a 'feeling' sweeps over me.  Nothing and I mean NOTHING can rattle me. I'm filled with gratitude for what I have, immense love for who I have in my life and an overwhelming compassion for those who don't have much of either.    Give to those who need it and tell your loved ones just how much you cherish them.   My house is open to family and friends 24/7. Sitting at home with nothing to do??  - Come over!   Hungry?  Thirsty?  Three cabinets full of board games.   Pick something that looks good.   Talk.  Laugh.   LAUGH!  This is what the holidays are all about for me. The best gift to give?   Yourself.  That's what I want for Christmas.  All I want for Christmas is youuuu.....  Hmm....I see Mariah Carey is here too.  

Back to SL!   Some new releases this year for Christmas and winter:

And soooo much more at the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe, now open through January 1st.  Click (HERE) for your teleport or click (HERE) for Persnickity on Marketplace.   

Please have a safe and happy holiday season!  Love you!!  Pet (Petunia908 Pinklady)


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