Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pay It Forward

The headlines and news are full of negativity, heart-breaking stories, violence, etc., and we never hear about the good deeds and exceptional caring people in the world because I guess that just doesn't make good 'news'.    I'm here to yell from the mountain......there are WONDERFUL people in the world and I've met more than my share right here in SecondLife.   In a roundabout way I know of a very generous man through another great person, Honey Lustre.   She's the creator and owner of PrimTique (if you haven't visited her store you MUST!).   She is friends with Mr McChris Flanagan who so kindly offered up his building to anyone who was interested in showcasing their creations.    He told Honey and she got the word out.   I have the privilege and honor of being one of the few who get to display some of my creations at the Pay It Forward Warehouse Shops.   There are about a dozen creators there who have a small display of their items for sale and what a fun place to explore!  

Its not just the shops there but the thought behind it all.   Its someone doing something nice for someone else, which in turn leads to the 'pay it forward' concept, my turn to do the same.    Not just here in SL but in our everyday lives.   Its made me aware of the unexpected act of kindness given to me and now the desire for me to do the same for someone else.

Its a small gesture but a start -  I was on a girl's trip a few weeks ago and stopping at toll booths every 15 minutes were part of the drive.  I drove up to the booth, paid my toll and told the girl in the booth, "I'll pay for the person's vehicle behind me too".   After paying for both myself and the car behind me I continued on. I didn't get one minute further down the road when the vehicle I had paid for caught up to me on the interstate and drove into the left passing lane next to me.   I looked over to see who it was and the driver smiled and mouthed 'thank you" with a big smile on his face.    I smiled back and gave him a thumbs up.   That smile could have lit up the world.   I didn't do it for recognition - I did it as a message that there ARE people in this world who care about others, that we don't have to fear everybody, and heck....it felt good.    One small act can blossom into two, three, but the lesson really is - let's look out for each other.    Let's be a kinder more compassionate society.   Real life AND Second Life.   It can only bring happiness and satisfaction to everyone involved.   And to you Mr Flanagan and Ms Lustre - thank you for being so generous.    I hope to pay it forward forever!   (CLICK HERE) for your teleport to the Pay It Forward Warehouse Shops.   

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