Sunday, October 6, 2013


Check out the store this week for lots of NEW Halloween items along with many NEW fall colored plants, trees, and flowers.   Also new - two types of autumn leaf piles, Halloween firefly catcher, some fun signs for the yard and a nice autumn centerpiece for your table.   Don't forget the wheelbarrows with autumn leaves with rake and an assortment of pumpkins to add to your landscape.   I've included pictures of a few of the new autumn and Halloween items below.

*****GROUP GIFT*****

A Persnickity Autumn

Click (HERE) for teleport.

Who Doesn't Love Candy???

Candy Fair is open and who doesn't LOVE candy???   *Looks at the M&M Peanuts on my desk*   The fair was created for the love of candy and sugar and runs from October 4th through the 18th.   There are over 150 creators participating and everything features candy/sugar in some way.   Clothes, jewelry, skins, furniture, home decor - its all there.     Persnickity has three EXCLUSIVE items at Candy Fair.

The Dispensing Lollipop Plant gives out giant animated lollipops when the plant is touched.   It sells for 50L and is 7 prims.

On those hot summer days there's nothing better than cooling off in the water, so grab a Floating Doughnut and hop in.   The 4 Floating Doughnut Set contains 2 glazed, 1 chocolate, and 1 Pink with Sprinkles Floating Doughnuts so grab a few of your friends and kick back!   It sells for 50L also.

The Cupcake Outdoor Patio Set is a sofa, two chairs, cupcake ottoman, cupcake outdoor torch light, pastel end table, pastel coffee table and a 'crumpled' rug.   Sofa and chairs are patterned with super sweet cupcakes.    All are sold separately but you can save 70L if you buy the boxed set for 275L.   

Spend an hour or two browsing the three sims even if you're not interested in buying anything.  They are so adorable and its almost impossible to walk through without getting the urge to hit that M&M's bag stuffed way in the back of the pantry.  

Click (HERE) for your teleport and enjoy!!