Sunday, November 24, 2013

Step Into Christmas

Thanksgiving grocery list is sitting on the desk in front of me, mulled apple cider candles are burning everywhere in the house, my kitty is sitting on the heater vent, and snow flurries are whipping past the window.   I spent hours on the internet looking for comfy "footed pajamas" to give as Christmas gifts and the stockpile of baking ingredients is growing on the kitchen counter already.  The holidays are officially here and I absolutely LOVE this time of year!   Its all about embracing the family and I don't know what it is about the cold weather but I tend to just nest and prepare for Christmas.  Yes, I'm one of those. Its not even Thanksgiving and my house is decorated, the trees are up and Christmas carols resonate through the house.   A slight 'peek' into my world -

   The Victorian tree sits in the family room and is all pink, gold, crystal and lace.  Shocker!  I love pink?

  The kitchen garden window houses my two festive jesters dressed in ivory and gold.

My obsession with 'faces' shows throughout the house and Christmas is no exception.  Part of the Jacqueline Kent collection of Christmas Carolers.   

Enough about me!   Let's get to the important part - YOU!    Lots of NEW items for YOUR Christmas await you at the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe, which by the way, is NOT located at the mainstore location. There's a landmark at the mainstore that you can grab which will teleport you directly there though.   OR   click (HERE) for your tp.   

A beautiful set of vintage style ornaments in pastel colors of pink, teal, purple and yellow.   There are three styles and they're copy/mod so you can stretch them larger or shrink smaller to fit any sized tree.   100L for the set.

How about just one special ornament which hangs on a twig-like holder?   Touch the ornament and choose one of 7 colors.    It sells for 50L.

I love to listen to Christmas carols - especially the classic ones and it isn't Christmas without Burl Ives singing "Holly Jolly Christmas".   Sit on the crate and you'll be jammin' in no time, your hand tapping away to the beat.   Just click on the crate for the holiday song!   Only 50L and a great gift idea since its transfer.  

Just one of the many texture-changing options for the holidays - a holiday picture with 8 different scenes to choose from which makes it easy to fit any decor.   40L.   There is also a texture-changing rug with holiday patterns for only 25L.  

LOTS of new winter outdoor bushes and trees are available in the outdoor area next to the Christmas Shoppe.    They are all 1 prim each, copy/mod,  and only 40L.   Just a few below -  

So many new items, wreaths, Christmas trees, tree skirts, and just not enough time for me to begin posting so come to the Christmas Shoppe and browse around!    More things will be added each week and I'll TRY to get more blogging done but but but.....'tis the season and its a busy one!!    

Your teleport to the Persnickity Christmas Shoppe again - click (HERE).      Till we meet again!   Thanks everyone - Pet

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