Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Releases

I've had these adorable cottage four-poster beds staring at me for the last two months and I've finally finished them!    I'm probably not going to be too popular with the masses because they are NOT sex beds but there are lots of us who design just because we love to decorate our houses and the great outdoors.   I'm also surrounded by many women who aren't interested in engaging men in 'pixel sex' so I'm confident there are lots more like us out there!!   This is just a heads-up for anyone who might be surprised and/or NOT happy when they find out the beds are just a sleeping and relaxing spot for one person!    The most fun you're going to have is jumping on the bed.   :)  

All three beds have matching accessories in the mainstore - curtains, rugs, lamps, etc.    You can design a bedroom that says style.     They all contain five animations - four are sleeping/resting and one is a jumping on the bed animation (something I STILL long to do as an adult).      They sell for 100L each and can be found upstairs in the mainstore or on Marketplace.   See below for Marketplace link.

For those that need or want an instant landscape, the Beech Forest with Grass is the perfect solution.   All linked, you'll have 10 lush green trees with a cushy grass lawn planted in one fell swoop.  Its copy and mod so you can landscape an entire sim in no time at all.    The best part - its only 6 Prims!   Great for obtaining privacy between houses or just adding a natural scene to your outdoors.  It sells for only 75L and is displayed at the mainstore in front of the Garden Center, along with two other colors of trees.  

Visit the mainstore (HERE) or on Marketplace (HERE)

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