Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Find the Golden Eggs

Every holiday maintains its traditions with me and it wouldn't be Easter without the egg hunt.    I've hidden five golden eggs at Persnickity - they can be both outside and inside the mainstore.     They are free and the gifts inside are all related to Easter, so hurry on over and find them so you can use them for the holiday.  

This is what you're looking for:

The eggs are numbered #1 through 5.    The gifts are as follows:

Egg #1 - The Cracked Egg Car - jump in and ride around in style.

Egg #2 - Bowl with Easter Eggs is a bright addition to any home

Egg #3 - Easter Teacup Candle - click candle for on/off control

Egg #4 - Chocolate bunny and I turn my head when you bite its ears off.  

Egg #5 - Bright framed picture of dyed Easter eggs.

Good luck on the hunt and Happy Easter from Persnickity!!

Click (HERE) for teleport.

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