Thursday, March 7, 2013

New New New

There are so many new items this week that I'm positive I'm going to forget a few but here goes.....

As I've mentioned before I love hearing what my customers are looking for and I encourage them to drop me a note if I'm not inworld.   If I decide to make it that person gets the first one as a free gift.   Cheers Mari - these are for you!    An absolute doll and smart, funny lady, Mari started reading off her refrigerator magnets to me and two wall decals were born at Persnickity.

New Wall Decals - upstairs in the mainstore - 25L each

Bunny FEVER continues and they don't have to just be out at Easter.  

Remember the "in crowd"?   You will wish you were included in this light-hearted happy-go-lucky group once you see them.   Laughing and thoroughly enjoying each other's company out on their picnic (picnic basket and blanket included) these five can be used all together or even separately if you want.   Either way you'll have five adorable bunnies to play with.   100L and can be found under trees near the Garden Center.

Hall trees - walk in the front door and throw your stuff on the hall tree.   Hat, umbrella with puddle of water, and towel have found their way onto the hall tree.   There's plenty of room to sit down while you're taking off your shoes.

The Shabby Ivory Hall Tree and the Shabby White Hall Tree are only 45L each and can be found on the main floor of the store.    One has pink accents, the other yellow.  

The Spring Wheelbarrow is the first sign of putting winter behind us and the anticipation of flowering bulbs soon to be bursting through the ground.

Its pink (of course!) and filled with large colored eggs and tulips.   The wheelbarrow is scattered around outside and sells for 50L.

What would a week be without drowning in chocolate again?   I'd say not a very satisfying one so I made sure that didn't happen.   Easter candy candy candy.....

These are all in the Garden Center - Easter Room, along with other items:

Marshmallow Easter Peeps -  20L -
Chocolate Bunny with gift tag and bow - 20L
Persnickity Easter Basket - filled with chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs and Peeps - 35L
Dozen Eggs - one dozen white eggs and one dozen colored eggs - 25L

Four NEW framed pictures and only 25L each.  

Preetttttyyyyy!!!   They are upstairs in the mainstore.  

If you haven't stopped by yet for the new March Group Gift don't forget to wear your tag and grab it at the landing point.  

Click (HERE) for your teleport to Persnickity.    

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