Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings are special and the way the day begins has become a ritual in my house.  The kids can sleep until noon if they choose, but when they wake up breakfast is ready in about 5 minutes.   Sit down and read the newspaper with a hot cup of coffee and devour a plate full of pancakes hot off the griddle dripping in warm maple syrup.   All I need is a comfortable chair and the morning newspaper - it all says 'SUNDAY'!

The "Two Armchairs with Ottoman" set gives you just what you need.    A comfortable place to kick back and the ottoman has the newspaper spread across it.   You get two shabby style armchairs in white which fit into any decor (each with five sitting animations) and a matching ottoman.

I've boxed the set and its only 75L - almost an instant living room. You can find it upstairs in the mainstore.  Enjoy and relax!!

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