Friday, February 15, 2013

Scene Stealers

Every region of the states has certain species of flowers that do better than others due to the climate.    When I lived in Seattle - and I'll always say it - THE most beautiful city in the USA - the weather was made for fuchsia's.   They require shade and benefit greatly from misting and Seattle fit the bill.    I had fuschia hanging baskets of all different colors lining my front porch.    Their trumpet-like blooms are so distinctive and the long arched branches draped over the sides of the pots.   By the end of summer they'd filled out and were scene stealers.    I loved them then and they still stop me in my tracks when I see a basket.   I've made four hanging baskets of fuchsia's in different colors which hang from a hook and can be placed on any wall or tree.   All four are hanging on the outside of the Garden Center.   No direct sunlight!   Please!

Only 50L each - copy/mod.   Fancy up that porch of yours and rez multiple baskets.   You won't regret it.

Click (HERE) for Persnickity location.       

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