Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Releases!

Lots to do this week and put my nose to the grindstone!    Two new shabby chic hall trees are now available to add some warmth to your home.    They each have a sitting animation and your choice of either ivory with a pink cushion or white with yellow cushion.   They each have a hat and towel hanging from them and an umbrella propped on the side with a pool of water sitting on the floor.   They sell for 45L each and are available either on marketplace or in the mainstore.

An antique light pink table for anywhere in your house that needs a spot for a touch of color.   A blue distressed pitcher with a beautiful pink rose sits on top.  Its also available on marketplace or just inside the front door of the mainstore for only 55L.

Two new pictures for your kitchen display a large fork, spoon and knife - your choice of either yellow or blue backgrounds in frames.   Available on marketplace or in the mainstore at 40L each.

Click (HERE) for Persnickity Marketplace or (HERE) for tp to the Mainstore.  

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