Monday, August 12, 2013

No Rest for the Weary

I've been sooooooooo busy!   Three fairs, one hunt, and a "challenge" to make something that someone else assigns me has kept me jumping.   Let me start with some new releases first.

The rusty Unicycle Planter will be a treasured addition to your outdoors.   A shabby chic bucket filled with flowers sits on the leather seat.    Nestle it in the garden and add a charming piece that you'll cherish.  14 prims and 40L, its on marketplace and at the mainstore, along the path heading to the outlet center

The Beach Cove is a low-prim adorable cottage, with pastel colored wood on the exterior, an awning with soft lights covering the front porch, picket fence, ceiling fan and locking doors.    Only 37 prims so you don't have to worry about prim overload.    Check it out at the mainstore - the house rezzer is on the back deck.   Only 100L, copy/mod.

Don't miss out on the HomeStuff hunt which runs until Sunday, September 1st.    The hunt items are high quality and FREE!   Clues are on their website along with SLURL's so they make it easy for you.    I'm particpating also - look for the brown shirt prim (Clue - tiptoe around these tulips).   Click (HERE) for their website.

Reef's Colors Fair celebrates the sea and his vibrant colors.   35 creators have displayed their EXCLUSIVE creations along with the Bazaar which sells another EXCLUSIVE item from each person at only 15L each. Get your nose plugs out because you'll be shopping underwater.  

Click (HERE)  for your teleport and happy shopping!

I hope you're all enjoying your summer.   I looked at the calendar today and thought WHERE DID IT GO???    Labor Day is right around the corner!   I guess it can't be all THAT bad.    The closer we get to Christmas!    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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