Thursday, February 11, 2016

Love is In the Air

Love permeates life.   Even Second Life.   It's not too often that you meet someone in SL who hasn't 'fallen' for somebody along the way.   Everybody makes their own rules as to where it goes and what it means to them - some keep it in SL and others cross over into real life.   Either way, Valentine's Day is one day to show that special someone that you care.  I know it's cliche but it really isn't about the cost, but it IS the thought that counts.   Just reach out and tap them on the heart to say "Hey!  I'm thinking of you today"    

Some ideas available at Persnickity:


Wall decals are 25L each and copy/mod
My Heart is Your Heart Pillows - 25L
Forever Love Wall Art - 35L
Cup Talk - 35L

So much more on Marketplace (click HERE) or inworld at the main store (TP HERE)

Have a happy Valentine's Day and hugs to you all!  Luv ya - Pet

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