Friday, July 3, 2015


Moving the store to another location.  *sighs*    This is when my "Bewitched" brain kicks in and I see Elizabeth Montgomery twitching her nose and in one second....her chore is accomplished perfectly!   Elizabeth Elizabeth....why oh why did you plant the seed of hope that I too could have a part of my face jerk back and forth and voila!  Dreaded tasks done!  I look up and WHY is my store still there and nothing has changed???   Elizabeth!  You're a fake!   Pet!   GET MOVING!!   Two weeks later....Persnickity is sitting comfortably on Mon Cheri, owned by Freya Olivieri, creator extraordinaire and best friend of six years.  I love it here and hope you do too.  

NEW this month!

Rainbow Flamingo - 50L    3 LI    Transfer

This colorful flamingo who waters the flowers longs for a place in your garden!   Touch for on/off water control.    

**Inspired by the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriages ---proud to be an American!  It's all about LOVE.   

Whispering Tree   50L    11 LI  Copy

Truly a unique addition to the landscape.  Touch the tree for 7 different leaf color choices.  Greens, golds, reds - a spring to autumn must. 

Croquet Set        175L   3 LI    Copy

Yes!!   The croquet set that I knew and loved growing up.   Everything is copy in the box so you can lay out as many mallets, balls, etc. that you'd like.  Let nostalgia sweep over you.   This is NOT a scripted game - it is only outdoor 'decor'.   It's just FUN FUN!   

Click (here) for your teleport to the new location or (here) for marketplace link.   All items are at both locations.   Stay cool this summer and hope to see you at Persnickity!     Luv ya - Pet

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