Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is that RED?????

Feeling adventurous and thought something outside the box.    My box is pretty restrictive by the way - pastels only....pinks, greens,  yellows and blues mainly.   So what drew me to design this heart-stopping RED and BLACK bedroom set?!    Is my taste subtly changing??    Valentine's Day is next week so does the body crave red this time of year??!  Have the pastels run their course with me??   I seriously doubt all of the above.   No - I just wanted to expand my horizons and see if I could create a room that I could honestly say I loved but in a more dramatic way.   Pastels say 'calm' to me.   Red and black says 'bold'.  It says 'pay attention'!!    I must say I LOVE the entire bedroom!    I stare at it and think yes...I CAN  appreciate other decorating styles enough to make them.   I can I can I can.    My heart is still in shabby chic, always will be, but a departure from that was like sneaking out the window at night as a teen.    I had my fun but I'm crawling back in now - back to shabby land!!    Anyway the new bedroom is in the mainstore on the second floor.   Let me know what you think!

Everything is for sale - the Cottage Bed (try the animations!), end tables, lamps, dressing room screen, curtains and wall hangings.   (End tables and lamps are MESH)

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