Thursday, June 13, 2013

Talk Dirt to Me!

My poor flowers have barely survived the worst of elements this summer.  They've been pelted by hail, high winds and drenching rainfall.    The US east coast is relentless when it comes to bad weather and seems to be the norm now rather than the unusual.    I get outside and empty the water-logged pots, pluck off the deadheads and baby them like a mother hen.   Back to SL - sunny and warm every day - a flower's dream come true and it shows.    My flowers and shrubs are lush, getting the right amount of sunlight and there's never a moment when I have to head out in the garden to deadhead or empty excess water from the pots.

A beautiful addition to your deck, patio or even outside in the garden.   There are four terracotta pots stacked on top of each other flowing with ivy.    A sign in the lower pot says "Welcome to my Garden".
It sells for 50L and is transfer.

The hanging petunias are on a worn post and add so much color to a garden.   One of the baskets has pink petunias and the other is a variegated blue and white - a must for anyone who wants to brighten up the outside!   It sells for 100L.

The 2 prim summer tree is a full gorgeous sculpted tree - approximately 10 meters high.   Its available with two different perms - transfer for 40L and a copy/mod version for 125 L.   It will surely give your yard a summery look with its light green leaves.

The floral birdcage!    Not only are the flowers beautiful and a part of summer, but so are the sounds of summer, which include birds singing their happy songs.    This floral birdcage brimming with petunias, creeping ivy, and flowers at the base, will add many hours of relaxing sounds of summer.    There's a bird atop the birdcage and he sings all day and night unless you touch him for drop-down menu which controls the on/off switch.   40L.

All items are available at the mainstore (CLICK HERE) or on Marketplace (CLICK HERE).  Happy planting and don't forget to wear gardening gloves to save that manicure!

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