Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

How many times do you change your house in SL????    When I first started waaaaay back in 2007, I heard someone say they changed out houses every three months and I remember thinking OMG!   How extravagant!   As the months and years went by I found my inventory holding over 50 houses and yet again ...that statement of "I'll never do that" came back and bit me in the behind.   Where else can you change your entire surroundings for just pennies and there are no 'for sale' signs or open houses or mortgage companies or....well you get my drift!

There are two new houses available at Persnickity - one of which was premiered at the Home & Garden Expo and the other is a replica of the Persnickity store build.   

The Avalon is a one-story rancher with an open concept living area, an area for a kitchen if you choose, one bedroom, and a screened-in porch. (Discounted boxed sets for complete kitchen, living room, and wine bar are on the back porch near the rezzer)   Touch the windows for an option of etched glass or shades.   124 prims and only 25m X 25m.   Special deal during the month of June - IM me if you buy the Avalon and I'll give you the complete kitchen set FREE.  (See it shown below).

The Avondale is the Persnickity store build, a large two-story with a sunroom off the living area.  I'm a sucker for wrap-around porches so the Avondale boasts a charming porch with Victorian spindle trimwork and columns.   195 prims and 43m wide X 66m deep.    I've left the inside lower and upper floor 'open' with no smaller rooms inside which enables it to work beautifully for either a house or store.   

Both houses are only 350L, copy/mod, and can be seen in the rezzer on the back porch of the mainstore.

The Wine Dispensing Bar sells for 110L and includes two stools with animations and the wine bar, when clicked on dispenses a glass of wine.

The kitchen set sells for 250L, big discount if everything was bought separately.   It includes the cabinets with  canisters and dishrack, the farmhouse table, copiable chair with a/o's, kitchen fruit bin, AND the yellow blender with summer cooler.

11 Piece Living Room set sells for 375L and includes two sofas and one chair, all with animations, copiable texture-changing coffee table, 1 copiable shabby chic round table, 2 strung lamps, 1 greenery tray, 1 copiable rug, 1 shabby magazine rack, and 1 copiable curtain.   Again a big discount!

Thank you to all those who helped make the Home & Garden Expo such a big success.   It was a fun experience and I hope most of you had a chance to make it.

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