Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sigh of Relief!

Geeezzzz......its been crazy!!!   I've got lots to post today and I'll probably forget something and not realize it until I've sent out the new notice!  THAT'S the way my mind works (or doesn't work). Digger.   My resident chipmunk.   

I'm having a dilemma.   He's adorable and I love to watch him skitter around the yard at top speed.   He moves like there's a cat on his tail all the time.   Sometimes I just see a 'whir' of action near me but I know its him because he chatters loudly, evidently telling me to get OUT of his way.  So you ask what's the dilemma??   Well....I can't tell you how many 'entrances' and 'exits' he's dug up in my garden.   New holes are appearing every day and I'm wondering if my entire garden is going to sink into oblivion.   Suggestions anyone???    Trap him and take him to the park about a mile away?   With my luck he'd probably drop crumbs on the way there and then eat his way back to my home.     Fill up the holes with dirt every few days and take the path of "live and let live?"     Helllppppp!!!

Ok...on to SL stuff!    The Home & Garden Expo starts tomorrow!!!    It runs from May 24th, opening at 12:00 pm SLT, through June 2nd and it covers 11 sims FILLED with fantastic items.   Over 100 exhibitors are participating offering homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products.  There's an entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions and you can find all the information on the following website  (CLICK HERE).    

Direct teleport to Persnickity at the Home & Garden Expo (CLICK HERE).     Keep in mind that the expo is supporting Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, so you can shop and help cancer patients and their families by purchasing new items in the Relay for Life vendors all around the Expo.   

Big news for Persnickity!    Big STORE for Persnickity!   I was running out of room and decided to build a new store.   Of COURSE I came to this revelation at midnight and not just any midnight either.   The midnight before I had to set up at the Garden Expo.   Good move on my part huh?  Anyway after a night of no sleep the new store is in place.   ALSO....I moved everything from the Garden Center onto the porches of the new store so the old Garden Center is now an OUTLET CENTER.   You'll find items there at prices that have been slashed so come on by and pick up a good deal.   I'll be adding to the Outlet Center constantly.   

New item at the store - "Love in the Air Hanging Frame" - a pretty shabby chic frame to hang outside so it can sway in the breeze.    Only 35L and 1 Prim.  

LOTS of new items at the Expo, including a new house, The Avalon.   Its on display so swing on by and take a walk-through.    Priced at only 350L .  

Hmm....have I forgotten anything?   Probably.   I might be back tomorrow with my missing brain.  Take care all!

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