Saturday, May 18, 2013

Home & Garden Expo COMING SOON May 24-June 2

There are a couple of events each year that excite me as much as Christmas does!    One is the hair fair (can a girl ever have too many styles??) and the other is the Home and Garden Expo.    Each year I walk through the sims getting a quick look at everything and then I go back every day and focus on one sim at a time.   I don't miss a speck on the sidewalk!   This year will be different for me - I'll be joining the list of amazing creators exhibiting their creations!    I'll post a landmark to Persnickity at Expo in a couple days when its available to me but I want to touch on a few things first.  

The expo is not only a venue for the exhibitors to show their creations but its a fundraiser for Relay for Life.   For those of you not familiar with Relay for Life (RFL), it is the American Cancer Society's signature fundraising event.   We've all been touched by cancer somehow - whether a family member, friend or ourselves, its a battle that we need to keep fighting through research.    You'll find at least two vendors that each creator has put out - something unique with the proceeds going to RFL.    Please support this worthy cause.    

There will also be raffle drawings so look for the spot to enter your name to win.    The prize will be EVERY item in EVERY RFL vendor (!) and the proceeds will go to Relay for Life.   

There is also a silent auction, again with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.   I can't stress enough the importance of the Expo.   Everyone benefits and this is such an important event for cancer research along with you seeing and buying great high quality items.   

This website (CLICK HERE) is your guide for the Home & Garden Expo.    Grab a cup of coffee (or something stronger if you prefer!) and have fun exploring the 11 sims FULL of the best items SecondLife has to offer.   

I'll keep you posted on landmarks in a couple days!

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