Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Supporting Cast

Its warm outside!   Really and truly WARM!   Maybe I was just being impatient *my middle name* but I was beginning to wonder if spring would ever spring/sprung/sprang.   The first sign of bulbs bursting through the soil forces me to pull out the gardening magazines and start re-designing what I'm going to plant.   Shall I keep the all pink and purple bed over by my peonies?     What perennials shall I add to the cottage garden by the deck?  New birdbath in the garden under my dining room window?   Sighs.  The ideas are endless but the result is priceless.   I'm a flower addict and I admit it.   It takes me four or five trips to the nursery to buy all the flowers I need, and then about a week to get them planted, whether in the ground or in pots, and then.....into the the back.....right hand corner.....the 'ornaments' ....waiting to make their seasonal debut.   Box by by one....placed in a spot amidst the flowers.    The garden signs.    The garden faces.    The garden critters.   The flowers are the stars but the garden ornaments are the supporting cast.   They give dimension to a garden - they enhance the garden.   As much as I love the flowers, I love each and every garden ornament just as much.    And ornaments coming to Persnickity.   I've just started and there will be lots more to come.   The supporting cast does just that - support the main characters and you can't have one without the other.

Three face garden plaques are also available - place them face down in the garden, hang on a wall or let them 'peek' out from behind the flowers.     Sold separately at 25L each, copy/mod.

Everything can be found at the mainstore location, in the garden bed attached to the right-hand side of the store.  

Click (HERE) for your teleport to Persnickity.

ALSO!!!     The Gacha Carnival just opened!    It runs from April 5th to May 5th and each creator has EXCLUSIVE items in their Gacha machines.      Persnickity is participating, five different styles of book-ends are available.     They're only 75L per set at the Carnival - after May 5th the price doubles to 150L per set.  

Don't miss the Gacha Carnival where you can pick up great EXCLUSIVE deals!      Click (HERE) for your teleport.     Enjoy!!!

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