Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ladies Have Arrived

I was reading an interesting article about tree genders - yes there are male and female trees.    The male produces spores and pollen which 'fertilizes' a female plant which in turn produces new trees.   It got me thinking....can I tell just by looking at a tree whether its male or female?    Do the males have a remote control firmly clinched in their branches?   Do the females have their credit cards hidden in the twists and turns of their twigs?

Miss Payday makes no bones about it - she's female AND she heading out shopping.  With her hat and shopping bag AND the joy of knowing its payday, she'll be the talk of your neighborhood.   Only 7 prims and 100L.

EXCLUSIVE to Persnickity, Seraphina (the firey one) is the light that every garden needs.   She oversees all the little seedlings and adds a soft warm glow with the two candles she carries.   Sink her roots into the ground a bit and let her light up your life.   20 Prims and 100L.

I love all the 'dressings' that go into a garden or yard - signs, lights, candles.   The Cottage Lantern with Flowers is one such thing.   The old twisted branch with its climbing vine and flowers at the base holds the candle-lit lantern and adds color and warmth to your great outdoors.   7 Prims and 40L.

All three are now available at Persnickity.  Grab your tp (HERE).

Don't forget the Gacha Carnival still going on.    I've got the book-end sets for sale there at only 75L each.   Once the carnival is over I'll be adding them to the mainstore for 150L per set so grab them now!    (See the previous blog entry for pictures and direct teleport)    

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