Monday, February 25, 2013

Easter on the Mind

I LOVE bunnies and not just at Easter-time.   Every day is bunny day.  I have a collection of stuffed pink bunny rabbits that I started 15 years ago, all sizes, different shades of pink, some are dressed up and some are wrapped tight in lush pink fur.   I gotta say....I love them all and no I'm not 12 years old.  I've always loved how I feel when my eyes rest on a bunny rabbit, stuffed or real.   They're gentle souls that hop through life just minding their own business.   How can someone NOT love a creature that hops everywhere??   It says "I'm happy" and so doggone cute!!   You try hopping everywhere and tell me you don't gain a whole new respect for rabbits!!

So now Easter approaches and I'm somehow justified to come down with bunny fever for the next month.     I couldn't resist (I didn't quite make it into March but I'm close enough).    I made the Bunny Bush - a cute bunny with three eggs resting nearby sits in a patch of grass under a big bush.   Brighten up the great outdoors this season and give this sweet little creature a new home.   Now only 50L.    Copy/Mod

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