Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Persnickity Christmas

I can get excited about Christmas whenever I want!   So there!    Some tell me I'm like a kid and can't wait until after Thanksgiving but I say Thanksgiving????   Are you kidding me????    My three Christmas trees have been up and decorated for weeks already!    I'm combing the newspapers for craft shows, visiting the winter wonderland that downtown has become already, and my Christmas shopping is well under way!    I don't ever want to grow up and Christmas is NOT just for kids.    Well maybe it is and I'm hanging onto my childhood with all my might.

I've been excited to take on a Christmas venture here - "A Persnickity Christmas" is my new store in addition to the mainstore Persnickity.    I've tucked winter on a beach and jump in the ocean when I get chilly.   :)  The first floor is dedicated to a shabby chic Christmas - pastels, golds and silver.     The second floor has more of a 'traditional' look to it - greens and reds.

Pink is my color even at Christmas and I created the Persnickity Christmas Tree with pink bulbs, garland and a crystalized star on top.   There's also a gold shabby chic tree and the more traditional - a green tree with red and green ornaments.   Beautiful tree skirts which complicate each style are available, along with lots of fun decorations.  

Cake anyone?   Three layers of cake and I'm well on my way to a major sugar high.   Hmm....and just how many pounds do I gain every Christmas season???

I just HAD to.....don't slap my hands for this one!    There's a framed picture for your home or maybe even a gift for someone ...   "Dear Santa....I'm writing to let you know that I've been Naughty...and it was worth it....You Fat, Judgmental Bastard!"    

Please visit!   Both the mainstore and the Christmas store.    While you're there join the group for free gifts and updates on new items released weekly.

Persnickity Mainstore (click here) and Persnickity Christmas (click here)

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