Sunday, September 16, 2012

Its Arrived!!!

I'm so pleased to announce that Persnickity is open for business and I must say its been a joy to create!   I owe this all to the best person I know - my friend and creator extraordinaire Freya Olivieri, owner of Mon Cheri.    She picked me up, booted me in the behind and made me believe that I could do it.   On the days I was ready to give up, she kicked me a little harder and kept reminding CAN do it!   Don't give up!    Three months later (and some days more motivated than others!) I can say it was rewarding and educational, and I'm excited to have something I can keep working at and watch grow.

The mainstore is open at Verlorenes Paradise (CLICK HERE) and Freya graciously gave me a spot to open a store on her sim Mon Cheri  (CLICK HERE).   Come visit and let me know what you think.   Any suggestions?  ideas?  ways to better serve you or create something you want?   I'm open to anything!

Persnickity is all about my love for shabby chic, the pastels, the sinking into overstuffed chairs, and just being comfortable.   I've got home decor, furniture, gardening supplies, flowers, shrubs, house and store builds, and coming soon - the holidays!   And OOOOO I get out of control during the holidays!   There's no such thing as 'too much'!

Persnickity is also on Marketplace so if you feel like staying in your robe and slippers you can catch me there instead.    Hope to see you soon!

Persnickity Marketplace

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