Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcome Mat

I've always had a porch - in fact I wouldn't even consider owning a home without one.   Its where I'm drawn from the still of the morning to the end of the day.   I crave the outdoors - the sounds, the smells, the burst of a new blossom in the garden or the silent observer of the rabbit family scurrying around the lawn.  Whatever the reason..its the porch I run to.  I settle into my swing, my foot starts the rhythm of the movement and it never stops.   Calming and soothing, theres never a care in the world.   The icy pitcher of lemonade rests in its normal place on the table next to me along with a stack of unread magazines or that new book that I refuse to read in its entirety because I don't want it to end.   But this retreat of mine offers much more.  The parade of friends begins after dinner on warm evenings.  Sometimes just a wave, sometimes a canine friend who needs to say hello, but most stop to fill me in on their day or the newest and greatest happenings since yesterday.    Many a night I've spent out on the porch, candles lit, an empty wine bottle (or two!) solving the problems of the world with my bestie.   Nothing replaces the porch.   Its the pulse of my humble abode but really?  Its the friends and family who enter my world and the porch just calls to them - come in!

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